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Ahmad Jamal  • HiromiShahin Novrasli

Ahmad Jamal
Ahmad Jamal

Celebrated pianist-composer Ahmad Jamal continues his performance schedule around the world, as he has for well over the last four decades. read more...

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See Shahin at the Blue Note
on Monday September 12, 2016

Use these ticket purchase links:
First set: http://bit.ly/2aXcDWa
Second set: http://bit.ly/2bvNjs5

Blue Note
131 W. 3rd St. New York City
Ahmad Jamal
Shahin Novrasli

Shahin Novrasli is an eclectic Azerbaijani musician, who – like compatriot pianists Vagif Mustafazade and Aziza Mustafa Zadeh – has built a reputation beyond his homeland for a tumultuous fusion of American jazz and the local mugam folk tradition. ​ read more...

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  Ahmad and Hiromi's Happy Wall Collection
Ahmad and Hiromi's Happy
Wall Collection

Hiromi and Ahmad
Ahmad and Hiromi

Photo Muga Miyahara

“Some places have such a special vibe,” she says of her extensive travels over the past several years. “Sometimes a melody emerges in and around a place without me having to think about it at all. I can just walk down the street and I hear it. I’m always thinking about composing, and always trying to find what parts of the world around me can be musical. Sometimes it just comes to me in a beautiful moment.” Hiromi. read more ...

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Photo Muga Miyahara

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